Move Over, Rover! Starting your doggy daycare without relying on

I am always travelling. I live on the road and have for the last 2 years. In this time, I’m still able to function optimally because I rely heavily on doggy daycare and private dog boarding/sitting services while I conduct my life and my business.

However as a self-employed guy who owns and runs his own business, and as a man who built his own business while waiting tables in upscale dining and prime steakhouse environments where the tabs run into the thousands of dollars, let me say immediately that there is a lot of room for improvement in the booming and ever-growing doggy daycare/boarding/walking market.

For many people interested in making money and who love animals, this should come as very good news.

For consumers and people who need the dog sitting/boarding services however, it’s not so good news. It’s very time consuming to go through various dog sitters out there before you find one that’s even halfway decent. To be honest, some of them are outright incompetent, dishonest, or simply unqualified. Many of the others who can actually do the job deliver incredibly rude and pushy service. That includes standard doggy daycare and boarding businesses out in town that’ve been there for years. Yes, they often suck, or their employees suck.

And that means I don’t go back and spend my money there. That means you already have the opportunity to sit my dog.

starting a doggy daycare with

And that is why I created this guide to give anyone who is thinking about starting or currently runs a doggy daycare/boarding from home, or is a sitter, to give them a huge advantage over their market competitors, including traditional brick and mortar doggy daycare businesses, which you’ll be taking business from and helping customers far more.

Dog boarding/sitting/walking is a booming industry. Most of the typical doggy daycare places I’ve visited are not that great. Of all the places and people I’ve had sit/board my dog, I can count on 1 hand the ones that I’d be happy with returning to and spending my money, and that includes sitters too.

And I value my money, a lot. I don’t believe in paying for things that don’t work, or cause me stress.

This is why Move Over, Rover! going to be incredibly handy for anyone out there who wants to make (more) money starting a dog daycare or boarding business from home, or even the existing veteran business owners with an established doggy daycare center.

I myself an internet marketer by trade. I have a lot of exclusive insights on the internet for bringing in money that most traditional business owners do not and will refuse to learn. I also have ways of helping to protect existing sitters from being locked out of their account, so that they don’t lose their entire business from 1 bad review, which can happen because employees are like Yelp employees. Say something “wrong”, and they’ll ban you or put you at the back of the bus.

I want you to be well-equipped to bring in new customers coming in from a variety of sources so you’re not dependent solely upon or word of mouth for your doggy care business. This will put your money-making potential and control into your hands and leverage my expertise which I’ve charged local businesses thousands of dollars for.

You’ll see why control needs to be in your hands to provide the best customer service experience- and to grow your loyal customer base so that you can be the one picking and choosing who you want to work with and who you don’t. It will also help you learn more and faster about your market. Imagine being the best in your local market in a year or 2. Imagine having a successful money making operation that you can rely upon whether you want to make it a full-time gig or not. Imagine being able to set your own hours, pick your favorite customers, and make work seem like not work at all.

Isn’t that what life is about?

When I'm not camping and hiking in the Sierras, I'm producing music and building online businesses from hotel rooms
When I’m not camping and hiking in the Sierras, I’m producing music and building online businesses from $350/night hotel rooms

As I’m writing this I have just been made partner in a supplement company and spent the last 2 nights in a $350/night hotel room producing a song that features T-Pain.

With my internet business, I can pretty much do what I want all day because I produce valuable information for niche markets and help people. My customer service credo is simple: help people fastest and best, and you’ll make money forever.

You will make more money in your 1st assignment of dog sitting/boarding/walking of a single dog than this guide costs, and yet you will be 2 years ahead of everyone else starting out. How much more money and success will you have with this quick and to-the-point guide that avoids all the biggest and most common problems right from the beginning?

*Get my 4 years of experience working in fine dining environments

learn how to deal with people, how to provide the best service to make people fall in love with you, what people need vs what you think they want, customizing the experience and creating loyal customers

*Get my 8 years of experience in internet marketing applied directly, quickly, and easily to your own operation to make work for you, and not the other way around, while bringing in new customers outside of

use to get your 1st customer, build and expand your own simple but effective online presence that Google will reward and send business your way for, learn how to avoid the information overload trap

*Get all my on-the-ground marketing experience which got me my 1st customers in my internet marketing. No, they did not come from the internet! They came from Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles, which is a pretty daunting place to try to place flyers and get business, yet I did multiple times!

Basically, I GUARANTEE that this guide will make you more money if you’ll just get it and read it. If you don’t agree with me after reading it and taking concrete action on the steps, then send me an email asking for your money back. I am here to help you make more money, not less, and I know that I will.

how to start a dog boarding sitting or walking business

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TruDog Reviews

01-Pat-PrintzThis is my buddy Printz.

Printz is a rescue dog from the mountains of Idyllwyld California. He’s my road dog.

I stumbled upon him one day on my travels when I walked into a feed and pet supply store that didn’t have I wanted to buy, but they did have a certain special dog caught my eye.

04-Monarch-foodThe owner of the store was an Ex Marine by the name of Benjamin Davis, dog nutrition expert who had picked the dog up as a stray and was keeping him with a bunch of other stray dogs in the back of his shop. I asked if I could have the dog.

Ben is the owner of Natural Monarch Raw Pet Food and he told me I could adopt the dog, but under one condition- I had to promise to always feed him a raw food diet. He gave me 10 days worth of his special raw dog food and told me to feed the dog raw chicken if I couldn’t get access to specially formulated raw dog food.

Various fresh meats
Various fresh meats and other dog delights

Why raw dog food? Well, Ben believes that a raw diet prevents dogs from getting major health problems in their senior
years, and he attributes these preventable and costly issues to regular old store bought dog food.

Indeed, the history behind dog food should interest any dog owner.

pic of entrepreneurIn the 1860’s an entrepreneur on the Mississippi river discovered that stray dogs would eat the left over rations that ships’ crews threw overboard while in port.

This soon-to-be-rich business man assumed wrongly that because the dogs ate it, it must be good for them.

dog foodCarbs covered in meat juice, dried out for your convenience, not the dog’s health, became the norm in dog food, and most of us don’t even realize just how unnatural it is for them.

In reality, dogs are biologically geared towards eating raw meat and bones. I call dogs nature’s garbage collectors, similar in purpose to ants. pic of wolfA dog is not far genetically speaking from a wolf and the majority of a wild dog’s meals will not be fresh kills actually, but rather eating what it finds which includes a lot of perished animals, and bones.

I’ve fed Printz mostly a raw diet of chicken. There have been times where I bought the best grain-free kibble I could find at the grocery store grain free dog foodand the pet store to see how he’d respond, and every time my dog’s mood and attitude towards me changed drastically.

He’d drink way more water when eating dry kibble. He’d have trouble controlling his number 2’s indoors. Yuck! Trust me that wasn’t good for anybody.

He was a totally different dog, and would even run away when normally he always stays nearby or returns when he’s off leash.

Because Printz and I live on the road, sometimes when we get into town it’s too late and the grocery store is closed already, so I can’t get access to raw food for my dog. I’ve bought beef jerkey before and he will eat it, but it’s really high in sodium and probably not the best choice.

11-TRU-Dog-LogoThat’s why I like TruDog dog food. It’s freeze dried all-natural completely raw dog food which my buddy loves.

They have a line of regular food and also some cool treats that my guy scarfs down. It doesn’t make him drink excessive amounts of water like he did with kibble, and he doesn’t go potty indoors, thank God.

So, is TruDog better than actual raw food?

14-Printz-LogoMaybe not, but it just might be the next best thing.

Switch your dog to a raw food diet today for a happier dog now, and a much healthier dog 10 years from now.

And if you’re always traveling like me and need some time away from Fido for a few days, use instead of traditional cage dog boarding or snooty doggy daycare– for way less money with a real, human touch.

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